I mainly supply laser cut components, ‘name and number plates, kits & bits’, for miniature railways etc. particularly wagons from 0 gauge, 16mm, gauge 1, Gauge 3 (2 ½”),  3 ½”, 5” and 7 ¼” gauges, even full size.  However once I have drawn a part in one scale it can be converted easily to any other scale. Also it is fairly easy to modify my standard wagon parts to suite the minor differences between different prototypes. Please ask.


My own modelling is in 7 ¼” gauge, hence the picture below taken at Stockholes Farm Miniature Railway in North Lincolnshire, England.  Many of the wagons shown are mine or are based on my ‘easy build’ chassis design.

For more information, until more of this site is developed, contact me by any of the following methods.

Peter Wood,

Peter Wood’s Wagons

PDR Miniature Railway Designs,

Post:    42 Town Moor Avenue, Doncaster, DN2 6BP.

Telephone:   07954 148323  

Email:        peterwood.pdr@blueyonder.co.uk

Web site:      www.peterwoodswagons.co.uk

Also:  www.modelengineersnameplates.co.uk

Updated 08.04.2016

I usually attend several exhibitions during the year, mainly Doncaster, the Midlands, and several gauge specific shows assisting my colleague Malcolm High on his Model Engineers Laser stand.  Many of my ‘kits& bits’ can be seen and  purchased there.

This is a  one man part time business so please allow time for emails to be read, orders processed, new models and drawings to be produced as well as helping run the home, do my share of child minding my granddaughter, that’s usually Monday and Thursday, see contact times below, and walking the dogs. I have to get my priorities right.

I prefer to be contacted by email if possible but if you want to telephone the best time to contact me is between 9.30 and 1.00 then 2.00 till 5.00, apart from a dog walking break, Monday to Friday.



I am now getting to grips with my own laser cutting machine and tending to specialise in laser engraved model and miniature name and number plates etc.

A new website for these plates will be on line in the very near future.

Look for:   www.modelengineersnameplates.co.uk

 A PDF version of my catalogue is available if you ask via email, see address at bottom of page.

I will be at the new Doncaster, instead of Harrogate, show on 20th, 21st & 22nd May . If you are coming from the north by car I strongly suggest you do NOT use junctions Junctions 37 or 36 off the A1(M) as suggested in the show guide, and probably your Satnav, but carry on down to 35 the M18. If you know your way through Doncaster, and there is very little traffic then 37 may be quickest by 5 minutes. If not then both could easily be 15 to 20 minutes longer. I live very close to the Race Course and never use 36 and only very rarely 37.

My laser cutting machine will engrave and cut wood, plywood, MDF, card and many plastics. It won’t cut metals or PVC. I am now able to cut my own wagon kit bodies and a new venture I can engrave NAME and NUMBER PLATES for many model and other applications. See page 17 of the catalogue.

I have in stock a kit for a complete 5” gauge wagon. My wife is helping me, i.e. doing all the fiddley boring bits, to build it. It should be ready and available for purchase at the Harrogate exhibition.

I also purchased a while ago my own CNC Sheet Material cutting machine which means I can now cut my own card for the smaller scale wagon steel strapping etc. and self adhesive Vinyl decals for wagon lettering, station and other signs.

In addition to the LNER Gresley coach bogies I make I now do the frame for a GWR Collett coach bogie. Initially this is in gauge 3 but gauge 1 may be available soon. The frame is available from me. A cast white metal overlay for the exterior detail is available from Walsall Models or a complete kit from Garden Railway Specialists.

I know the pictures in the gallery have bits cut off the bottom I will up load new versions when time allows.